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The Top 9 Productivity Myths That Just Aren’t True

And 9 more helpful alternatives you should be doing instead

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The Zeigarnik Effect

Why it's so hard to stop thinking about everything we have to get done (and so easy to forget what we've already accomplished)

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A completely redesigned bird's-eye view

Introducing: Your new task view

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Your comprehensive guide to avoiding all-nighters and staying (relatively) sane this semester

A Student’s Guide to Todoist

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart

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Why a School for Gifted Students Adopted Todoist as Its Homework Planner

Todoist helps Davidson Academy students and teachers simplify how they assign and track schoolwork—and remember birthdays 🎂

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Building Better Team Task Management in Todoist

The Productivityist on how to improve your team task management using Todoist

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How to Make Virtual Networking Less Cringey (With Real-Life Examples to Help)

Connect with industry peers, potential clients, and future employers without feeling super awkward

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The Art of Manliness’s Brett McKay on How He Stays Productive

The founder of the popular life advice website uses Todoist for setting and sticking to routines in his work and family life

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How to Craft the Perfect Daily Schedule

Schedule your energy, not your time. And don’t forget to take breaks.

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The Remote Working Parent’s Survival Guide

Lessons in work-life balance for remote working parents *and* their companies.

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How to Track Your Health With Todoist

Tips to create a system to make staying healthy easier

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To Inbox Zero or Not to Inbox Zero?

We ask 7 tech leaders whether they think inbox zero is worth it

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What Resilience Really Looks Like and How to Build It

Five methods to keep going when you just want to quit

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How Tech Founder Jim Morrison Gets Things Done

The Founder of OneSub, a platform that targets news bias, has used Todoist for 6+ years

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12 Surprising Things I’ve Learned From 100 Interviews With Top Productivity Experts

Why procrastination can be a good thing, how work-life balance obsession can derail you, and other unexpected tips

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The Science of Analysis Paralysis

How overthinking kills your productivity and what you can do about it

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10 Lessons We Learned Designing Todoist for Apple Watch

We completely rethought the Todoist for Apple Watch app after actually using the device.

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10 Tips for Extroverts Working Remotely

Working from home makes socializing a challenge, but there are many small ways to connect

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