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Kanban project management is a simple, visual system that lets you see the big picture while keeping track of all the moving details. Use it to make progress on your personal goals or to manage team projects.

A shared kanban board lets everyone intuitively see where work stands, review what's coming up next, spot and troubleshoot stalled tasks, and ensure that work-in-progress stays focused and manageable.


  1. Create columns for each step of your project workflow. The simplest example is "To Do", "Doing", and "Done", but you can add any steps your project requires.
  2. Add new tasks to the left-most "To Do" column.
  3. At least weekly, review your kanban board and drag the tasks you want to prioritize to your "Doing" column.
  4. Limit the number of tasks in "Doing" at any one time. You and your team will get more done faster if you focus on fewer things at once.
  5. When a task is complete, drag it to the "Done" column to create a log of what's been accomplished.

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