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The Medium Method

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Stuck straddling the digital/paper divide? The Medium Method combines two mediums – digital and paper – to help you stay on top of tasks.

This simple method is meant as a starting point for merging paper and digital into your workflow to capture all of the benefits of both.


Here's how to use the Medium method approach:

  1. Pick your paper planner and a travel notebook and capture your tasks, events, ideas or anything else you’d like to keep track of.

  2. Rename the sections in the Tasks project to reflect different areas of your life; these will be where you transcribe the relevant tasks during your Daily Review.

  3. Use the Daily Review project to reconcile your physical notebook with Todoist: your tasks will be sorted into sections, events you need to remember will go into the Events project, and notes or resources will be copied into the Notes and Reference Materials project.

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