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Product Roadmap

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Product roadmaps are essential for coordinating product development. They help prioritize projects, track progress, and create shared understanding across teams.

With this template, you’ll be able to keep the development of your product on track. Here’s how you can make use of each section:

  • Ideas: Create a backlog of projects to consider on your roadmap. Every week, dive into a couple ideas. If they aren’t a good fit, use an “icebox” so it doesn’t overload the section.
  • Planning: After you’ve prioritized a task, define a scope and document the product spec.
  • Doing: This is your team’s current focus. Make sure to add a due date so the project stays on track. Use comments to discuss any outstanding problems with design or implementation.
  • Shipped 🚢: When it’s released, move the task here. This is your trophy wall! Add feedback in task comments and revisit later if the feature needs improvement.


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