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Development Workflow

Keep your development team on track (based on the famous Kanban workflow).

Keep your product on track by knowing where work stands, what project comes next, and what’s completed. Adapt each section to your team and refine the project structure over time.

This template can be used by any development team. It’s based on the famous kanban workflow. Here’s how to use each section:

  • Icebox: Use this section for projects you may work on later, but still need to refine.
  • Up next: When a feature idea or improvement is selected to be worked on next, move it here. Collaborate with comments to scope the project and estimate workload.
  • In progress: This is all the work in progress. Limit the number of projects here so your team can stay focused.
  • In review: Get work reviewed by a teammate to avoid shipping something with bugs and glitches. Assign the task and add a due date to create ownership.
  • Shipped 🚢: Once the project is completed, move it to this section. It’s your team’s trophy wall!
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