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Keep track of your shared tasks, projects, and deadlines. Trusted by teams who have better things to do than overcomplicate it.

Then US$6 per member/month billed yearly


50k+ teams like yours manage their work and lives with Todoist

On every device your team touches

With real-time sync across 10+ platforms, everyone will have the most up-to-date information. Always.

On every device your team touches

With real-time sync across 10+ platforms, everyone will have the most up-to-date information. Always.

Start collaborating in seconds

Simple enough for everyone on your team to quickly pick up, yet powerful enough to execute your team’s most ambitious plans.

“Delegation, communication and the many options for task parameterization allow us to maintain an overview and make quick project changes.”
Michael K.

Michael K.

IT Ghostwriter

Intuitively organize your team’s work

Give your team a shared place to collaborate and progress important projects – alongside but separate from their personal to-dos.

“We need a quick and easy place where we synchronize and know what to achieve next – without the overhead of complex project management platforms. Todoist hits the right trade-off.”
Michael M.

Michael M.

Cyber Security startup

Simple, transparent pricing up front

Create a team for free, then

US$6per month, billed yearly
$8 when billed monthly

  • A shared team workspace

  • Up to 500 team projects

  • 1K team members & guests

  • 1K project folders

  • Team roles & permissions

  • Centralized team billing

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All team members get every Pro feature when you upgrade your team!

Empowered people make an unstoppable team

Everything you and your team members need to handle all that work (and life) throws your way.

“Being able to filter tasks per workspace has been a game-changer. I no longer wake up to see my Today view filled with work tasks before the workday has even begun.”
Erik O.

Erik O.

Senior Support and Documentation Specialist

Crystal clear data ownership & permissions

You own your team data, we simply help you protect it.

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Join the 50k+ teams who manage their work and lives with Todoist

Frequently asked questions

The Business plan includes all of the features of the Pro plan — like reminders, filters, and more — in addition to a few handy capabilities for team users and admins:

All team members will be able to:

  • Browse and preview public team projects and join only the ones that are relevant to them.
  • Share direct links to projects, sections, tasks, and comments that teammates can preview and instantly take action on.
  • Group or filter tasks by personal and/or team projects from the View Options menu in Today, Upcoming, and filter views to better separate work and life.

For team leaders, adding a team to Todoist:

  • Gives you a transparent, organized overview of all your team’s work and lets you pop in to see progress, without having to join each and every individual project.
  • Makes data ownership crystal clear. Team projects belong to the team. Personal projects belong to the individual.
  • Grants admins more control over permissions and data access in team settings.

Plus, when you upgrade your team to the Business plan, all members automatically get access to all personal Pro features – like reminders, calendar layout for projects, and task durations!

(After all, when your teammates are organized and on top of their personal to-dos, teamwork magically tends to flow more smoothly, too. 💆)

You can view a full overview of what is included with each plan on our pricing page.

You absolutely can! The simple yet powerful personal task manager you know and love isn’t going anywhere. As with all of Todoist’s power features, these team features are there when you need them and out of the way when you don’t. Your personal projects stay private and in your full control, even when you're collaborating with a team in a shared workspace.

Yes! There are no limits to the amount of paid teams you can create.

However, billing is per team. If you have the same person in two different paid teams, you’d be paying twice for that person. This means that separate teams are best used when interacting with completely distinct groups — like clients, vendors, or partner organizations — with no crossover. 

Instead of creating new teams, you may choose to use Folders and restricted projects to group and organize team efforts... in fact, that's how we do it ourselves.

You can go here to see a full overview of the features and limits for each team plan.

This article explains in detail what the difference is between being an admin, a member, or a guest of a team.

Shared projects can be great for ad hoc collaboration, but when you work with the same group of people who all need access to the same projects and information, one-off shared projects leave a lot to be desired. Now there's a dedicated home for your team's work.

In a team:

  • All members can browse and preview projects on their own, or preview and join projects via link. No more manually inviting people, one-by-one, to join shared projects.
  • Every member can keep track of important projects in the team workspace, while maintaining a completely separate space for their personal data. Custom filters allow for the mix of work and personal tasks that's right for each individual.
  • Referencing projects, sections, and tasks is as easy as sharing a link.
  • Data ownership — what belongs to the team and what belongs to individuals — is crystal clear. Team projects belong to the team and personal projects stay private — even if you leave the team.
  • Admins can control access, manage roles, and get an overview of the team's activity.

And there's more to come — we'll continue to add more collaborative features based on real-world feedback from teams like yours.

Absolutely. People outside of your organization can be invited to specific projects as guests, for free.