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Integrately helps you connect Todoist with other apps in clicks.

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Integrately helps you in creating automations with just one click. Using Integrately you can quickly create simple one-to-one workflows or create complex workflows without using any code. You can choose from over 250,000 ready-to-use integrations or even easily build your own!

Integrating Todoist with Integrately lets you sync tasks across other apps that you use. You can connect your Todoist tasks with spreadsheets, communication tools, CRMs, and marketing apps in no time at all.


  • Sync your tasks and events across Google Calendar and Todoist.

  • Stay in-the-know by automatically creating a Todoist task when a card is created in Trello.

  • Streamline workflows by adding CRM tasks to Todoist or Todoist tasks to Google Sheets.

  • Share Todoist tasks in Slack to keep everyone on the same page.

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