Todoist Karma

Track, visualize, and improve your personal productivity

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See how small steps can lead to big improvements

Accumulate Todoist Karma points when you complete tasks and maintain daily and weekly task streaks. Visualize all your progress in colorful graphs based on your personal productivity trends.

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Todoist UI of Karma level and trend

Start by setting a daily goal

Hold yourself accountable by establishing a daily task goal. When you reach the goal, you'll begin building a streak and earning Karma points.

Use advanced features to earn more points

Recurring due dates, labels, filters and reminders will earn you additional Karma points. You'll also accumulate points when you add tasks and complete them on time.

Visualize all your hard work

See your daily progress and Karma trends in color-coded graphs (based on the colors of your Todoist projects). Get access to additional week-by-week graphs when you upgrade to Todoist Pro.

Progressively unlock new levels

New to Todoist? You'll start as a beginner. As you become more familiar with Todoist, you'll advance through eight different Karma levels, ending at Enlightened.

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