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Integrate your favorite apps with Todoist and automate your workflow.

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zzBots saves you time by automating repetitive tasks. With zzBots you are able to sync new and updated tasks, events, and other data between Todoist and your favorite calendar apps, CRMs, task managers, spreadsheets, and more. Integrating Todoist with your other apps will reduce your workload by automating your workflow.

Our platform is easy to navigate and requires zero coding experience. Setup is easy and takes less than a couple of minutes. All you need to do is sit back, and watch our bots do the work for you.


  • Sync new and updated tasks to Todoist whenever you create or update an event in Apple iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook Calendar.

  • Sync new and updated tasks from Asana to Todoist.

  • Add a new card in Trello whenever a new task is created in Todoist.

  • Automatically send an email when you create a new task in Todoist.

  • Create a new task in Todoist whenever a GitHub issue is created.

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