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Quickly add tasks from anywhere on the web using Chrome.

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Google Chrome is a faster way to do just about anything. Big or small, work or play, this web browser has the smarts and speed you need to do, create, and explore online. Adding Todoist into the mix means that you can capture tasks for anything you’re doing anywhere on the web.

Stumbled across a brilliant recipe? Add it to your What’s Cooking project. Found a Twitter thread with 15 new productivity must-reads? Add it to your Work Books project. The possibilities are endless.


  • Keep track of your next social event by right-clicking a Facebook event page and adding it to your Todoist Inbox.

  • Select and right-click an impressive statistic from a research journal that you want to cite in an upcoming article and save that text as a hyperlinked task.

  • Stay on top of your to-dos by clicking the Todoist icon in your extensions bar, which shows you your entire list without leaving the site you’re browsing.

  • Organize and prioritize new tasks while you’re surfing the web with all the power of Quick Add directly in your browser extension.

Todoist Pro gives you the power to get it all done

Remember everything with reminders, keep track of as many projects as you need, make it look good with Pro Themes, and a lot more.

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