Sort or group tasks in Todoist

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  • Beginner
  • Pro
  • Business

Get an overview of your lists in no time by sorting and grouping your tasks.

For example, group tasks by assignee to see what everyone's working on. To see which task you've been putting off the longest, sort your tasks by the time they were created and take care of that task today.

Learn more about the default sorting order of tasks in each view.

Sort or group tasks

  1. In Todoist, click a view or project.
  2. Click View in the top-right. This opens a context menu with several options.
  3. In the Sort by section, click any of the following:
    • Grouping, and select how to group your tasks.
    • Sorting, and select how to sort your tasks.

      Quick tip

      Click Direction to sort tasks in ascending or descending order.


If you're a Todoist Pro or Business customer, and you're using calendar layout, you can only sort or group tasks when using the board or list layout.

About sorting tasks in sections

Tasks are sorted within their own sections.

For example, if you have a priority 1 task in the last section of a project, and you sort tasks in this project by Priority, the priority 1 task will appear only at the top of the section. It won't appear at the top of the project.

Remove a sorting or grouping option

When a sorting or grouping option is applied to a view or project, it's displayed at the top. Learn how to remove a sorting or grouping option:

Quick tip

To remove all sorting and grouping options, click View at the top-right. Then, select Reset all.

  1. Click View in the top-right.
  2. Click the sorting or grouping options menu.
  3. Select Default


  • Logographs (for example: Japanese Kanji 漢字) and special characters, like å, ä, ö, æ, and ø, are ignored when using Sort by Name.
  • Sub-tasks will remain in their original order when grouping and sorting lists. To manually reorder them, open the parent task in the task view.
  • You can only manually reorder your tasks when manual sorting is applied to your view.
  • If a grouping option is applied to a project or view, you can't manually sort your tasks.
  • Sorting or grouping options aren't shared with others in a project, so you can tweak your views and find which one works best without disrupting anyone.
  • Sorting options aren't available in the Upcoming view on Todoist for iOS or Android.

Get help

If you're having trouble with organizing tasks using sorting or grouping options, get in touch with us.