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Trevor AI: Schedule Tasks

Plan your day, one task at a time, with Trevor AI on Web.


Trevor AI has been an official Todoist integration partner for over 5 years, helping users like you to effortlessly schedule your Todoist tasks in your Google and Microsoft calendars.

Schedule your day in seconds with a simple drag and drop or with Trevor AI’s Scheduling Suggestions, to regain control, clarity, and focus throughout your day. Turn your to-dos into a time-based plan for action, while Trevor AI keeps it all up-to-date in real time on all three platforms.

Supported features:

  • Schedule Todoist tasks with Google and Microsoft Calendars (Outlook & Office 365).

  • Create, edit, reorder, and delete Todoist tasks.

  • Filter tasks with Todoist filters in the inbox.

  • Complete/Uncomplete recurring (unscheduled) tasks. Setting tasks as recurring scheduled tasks in Todoist is not yet possible.

  • Read labels like “30min” and “2h”, which are assigned as task durations.

  • Read the task’s due date to show as hint in Trevor’s UI and improve Scheduling Suggestions.

  • Update the due date, once the task is scheduled via Trevor AI. Note that setting a due date in Todoist does not schedule the task automatically.

  • Read the “Assigned to” field, allowing you to show/hide unassigned tasks as well as tasks assigned to other people, configurable via Account Settings.

  • “Open in Todoist” button for each task.

  • Webhooks support for auto-syncing.


  • Turn Todoist tasks into an actionable schedule for free on your mobile or desktop.

  • Stay in the loop with real-time, three-way sync between Todoist, Google/Microsoft Calendar, and Trevor AI.

  • Build a daily or weekly schedule in seconds, with drag and drop and smart suggestions from Trevor.

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