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Automatically schedule your Todoist items in Google Calendar.


Having trouble making time for your tasks? Use Reclaim to integrate Todoist with Google Calendar. Get up to 40% more done every week by automatically scheduling your tasks.

Reclaim's smart time blocking platform finds the best time for all of your tasks before their due date. If an urgent meeting comes in, you decide to take a day off, or simply want to work on something else, Reclaim will auto-reschedule your tasks for you, creating the perfect plan for your day.


  • Auto-schedule your Todoist items into your Google Calendar.

  • Defend the time you need for each task, by priority, before your due date.

  • Keep your calendar flexible for new appointments with smart time blocking.

  • Reprioritize your schedule in one click to auto-reschedule your most important tasks.

  • Get calendar stats on your task productivity.

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