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Pabbly Connect

The best integration platform that has no limitations on automation workflow & tasks.


Pabbly Connect is the best integration platform that has no limitations on automation workflow, unlike other integration tools. It allows you to automate any manual task through fully automated workflows. You can simply start a new workflow by picking a trigger and tweak it further by adding filters, actions, and field mappings.

Using Pabbly Connect, Todoist can be integrated with 400+ applications of marketing, sales, eCommerce, CRM, payment, and more. Plus, create complex workflows with “If/Else” conditional triggers and filters. You can also define the conditional or comparison functions when required.


  • When a task is completed in Todoist, you can notify your team member via Gmail.

  • When a new opportunity is added in SalesFlare, auto-create a new task in Todoist.

  • When a task is added in Todoist, automatically notify the user via GetResponse.

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