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Automatically connect Todoist to third-party apps with n8n.


n8n is an extendable workflow automation tool that enables you to connect anything to everything via its open, fair-code model.

n8n's Todoist integration enables you to connect your Todoist account to 150+ other apps to keep your tasks synced. With this integration you are able to automatically transfer, merge, or add data to and from your Todoist account, saving you valuable time. n8n gives you the power to easily automate workflows without writing a single line of code.


  • Use n8n to automatically transfer new Asana tasks to Todoist.

  • Use n8n to automatically create Todoist tasks every time a new issue is added in JIRA.

  • Use n8n to automatically create new Todoist tasks when leads are added in Pipedrive or any other CRM tool.

  • Create Todoist tasks for new leads in Pipedrive or HubSpot.

  • Use n8n to get a daily notification about your Todoist tasks on Twist.

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