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The Ultimate Gantt chart add-on for Todoist. Create dependencies and set start and end dates for your tasks.


Ganttify for Todoist is the ultimate Gantt chart add-on. View multiple projects in a single Gantt chart, create dependencies between tasks, and set both start and end dates for your tasks. When a task is delayed, simply set the new date in the Gantt chart and all dependent tasks immediately get updated.

With two way synchronization, both your Gantt charts and Todoist projects are always up to date. Publish a read-only timeline to share with clients or colleagues and instantly show a project's state and progress. A Gantt chart for Todoist is a great way to bring multiple projects together and get that big picture overview.


  • Create dependencies between Todoist tasks.

  • Set start and end dates on tasks.

  • View multiple Todoist projects in a single Gantt.

  • Publish and share a live Gantt chart.

  • Two-way synchronization.

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