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Add price drop and in-stock notifications for e-commerce links stored in Todoist

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Todoist’s simple design and ease of use make it a perfect tool for creating a shopping wishlist. However, your shopping wishlist becomes hard to manage when you end up adding too many links. ShopMe’s Todoist integration makes your Todoist shopping wishlist more powerful by giving it the two features that are most important to you: price drop and in-stock notifications.

After connecting your Todoist account, all the product links that you have stored will automatically import into your ShopMe account. When there are price drops or items come back in stock, you’ll be notified in ShopMe. The best part is that you only have to connect your account once and we’ll detect any new items you add in your Todoist project.


  • Bulk import all of your e-commerce links from Todoist to ShopMe.

  • Automatically add price drop and in-stock notifications on e-commerce links you stored in Todoist.

  • Purchase items directly from ShopMe.

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