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Get your tasks and calendars together to plan your day with ease

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Akiflow can help you effortlessly manage your tasks from Todoist in your calendar. This integration is perfect for time blocking. You simply drag and drop tasks into your calendar and turn them into events to block out time for deep work.

Akiflow gives you the flexibility to categorize, prioritize, and align tasks according to your schedule for the day. We support a two-way sync integration meaning that Todoist will also reflect the changes in your imported tasks. Combine your tasks and calendar to plan your day with ease.


  • Automatically plan your scheduled tasks from Todoist in Google Calendar.

  • Get desktop notifications for all your planned tasks.

  • Change the imported Todoist tasks in Akiflow and sync them with your Todoist account.

  • Label your Todoist tasks in Akiflow to organize them with other tasks coming from Gmail, Slack, and more.

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