Your dreams aren’t unrealistic.
They’re just waiting to be planned.

Millions of people have relied on Todoist to complete more than a billion tasks…

  • I wanted to help prevent drowning by distributing ultra visible bathing shorts for kids, but I first had to figure out how. I brainstormed using Todoist and, today, Long Life Shorts is a thriving nonprofit organisation with partners on three continents.

    Ove Nilson

    Founder of Long Life Shorts

  • After a creative dry spell, I started a “renovation project” which required a lot of organization. With Todoist, every task and category fit together in a cohesive, colorful, and clear manner — and because of that, I had an inspirational plan to achieving my goals!

    Paige Murrell

    President of The Story Sketcher

  • I raised £50,000 to help build a school in Uganda, if it had not been for Todoist reminding me of impending application deadlines, I would not have hit the target. Thanks to Todoist 290 children are getting a good education every year, Todoist has given them hope.

    John Turner

    Owner of FundAid

  • All throughout college, I used Todoist to keep track of all my tasks. In fall of 2016, I added one last task: “GRADUATE!” I completed that task and finally got to close the “College!” project 5 years later as the first one in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

    Samantha Houston

    Software Engineer at Raytheon

  • Todoist gave me and my business partner the on-task focus to scale our company from two guys in an apartment to 75 employees, $12M in venture financing, and 350+ happy enterprise customers.

    Andrew Montalenti

    CTO at Parsely, Inc.

  • Todoist helped me organize the creation and completion of a children’s book I made with my daughter. I’ve done a lot of big things with Todoist (including writing my own book) but that book with my daughter is a unique project I will treasure forever.

    Michael Reyes

    Father and author