Introduction to Karma

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  • Beginner
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  • Business

Karma boosts your motivation to get things done on time. Every completed Todoist task gains you Karma points, and a step closer to new Karma levels.


Check your Karma level

When you first sign up for Todoist, your Karma starts at the Beginner level. As you complete tasks or use advanced features, you gain points that’ll help you advance to the next level.

Karma pointsKarma level
20000-49999Grand Master
50000 and moreEnlightened

To check your Karma level:

  1. Click your avatar at the top-left.
  2. Select the Productivity view.
  3. Click the Karma tab to see your current level, Karma points, and Karma Trend.

Quick tip

Once you reach Karma Enlightenment, a new mystery theme will be unlocked on your account.

Track progress with Karma Trend

Your Karma Trend lets you see how you’ve accumulated Karma points over the last week. Your progress is illustrated as a line graph below your current Karma level, and updates automatically as you gain or lose Karma points.

Here’s a breakdown of the Karma Trend symbols:

Karma symbolWhat it means
KarmaAddFill16pt_2x.pngYou added new tasks.
KarmaCompleteFill16pt_2x.pngYou completed tasks.
KarmaAdvancedFill16pt_2x.pngYou used advanced features.
KarmaSignupFill16pt_2x.pngYou reached your Daily or Weekly goals.

Earn Karma points

To advance to the next Karma level, you’ll need to earn Karma points. You earn points when you:

  • Add tasks.
  • Complete tasks on time.
  • Use advanced features such as labels, recurring due dates, and reminders.
  • Reach self-set goals regarding the number of tasks you want to complete either daily or weekly.
  • Achieve ongoing "streaks" by meeting your daily or weekly goals consistently.

Karma points are added throughout the day. The higher the Karma level you have, the more challenging it becomes to earn points.

Quick tip

Earn bonus Karma when you’ve reached your daily or weekly task goals. Todoist also tracks how many days or weeks you have attained your goals, and achieving ongoing "streaks" will add to your positive Karma.

Lose Karma points

You lose Karma points when you have tasks that are four or more days overdue. Make sure to complete your tasks on time, or reschedule tasks to a later date.

Change Karma settings

  1. Click your avatar at the top-left.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Productivity tab in the side menu.
  4. Make the necessary changes to your Karma:
    • Set your daily or weekly task goals.
    • Turn goal celebrations on or off.
    • Select days of the week when you’d like to take a break.
    • Turn Vacation mode on or off.
  5. Click Update to confirm.

Turn off task goals

If you don't benefit from using the daily and weekly goals, you can turn them off by setting the goals to zero. The goals will always be completed and won't get in your way.

  1. Click your avatar in the top-left.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Productivity
  4. Change Daily tasks to 0.
  5. Change Weekly tasks to 0.
  6. Click Update.


Todoist checks your goals every time you complete a task. If you change the goal to a lower number in the middle of the day, and don't complete any other task, your streak will still break.

Turn off Karma

If you don’t want the pressure of earning or losing points, here’s how to turn Karma off:

  1. Click your avatar at the top-left.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Productivity.
  4. Toggle Todoist Karma off.
  5. Click Update to confirm.

Reset your Karma level

Need a fresh start? Although there’s no option to reset your Karma level in Todoist, get in touch with us and we’ll reset it for you. Your Karma will go back to the default score of 50 points.

Best practices for Karma

To reach Enlightenment and prevent losing your streak, follow these best practices:

  • Select your days off, so you don’t lose points when you know you can’t use Todoist on those days.
  • Turn Vacation mode on if you’re going to be away for longer periods of time. Your Karma and streaks remain intact, even when you don't achieve your daily or weekly goals.
  • Remember to turn Vacation mode off once you've returned, so you can start gaining Karma points again.
  • Postpone tasks you can’t work on just yet. This reduces pressure and gives you a better sense of how much time is needed to complete specific tasks.

Get started

Embark on your journey to Enlightenment by discovering the workflows that fit your needs. Check out the Get started guides or get a head start with Todoist setups.

If you’re experiencing any issues with Todoist Karma, get in touch with us. We—Melis, Sergio, Diane, and our 14 other teammates—will make sure you stay on track with your productivity goals.