Add a valid email address if you log in with Apple or Facebook


  • Web
  • macOS
  • Windows 10

If you’ve signed up to Todoist with an Apple or Facebook account and chose to not share the email address associated with it, we automatically assign a unique but invalid address to identify your Todoist account. You’ll see it listed under account settings.

This means that you can’t receive email notifications about updates in Todoist. We also won’t be able to reach out if you get in touch with us via the help center.

To ensure you don’t miss any important information, update your account with an active and valid email address. You’ll still be able to log into Todoist with your Google, Apple, or Facebook credentials.

Step 01: Add an account password

If your Todoist account is associated with a address, add a password to your Todoist account:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Log in to your Todoist account:
  3. Click your avatar.
  4. Select Settings & Account.
  5. Click Add Password.
  6. Enter a strong 10-15 character password for your account. This ensures it passes Todoist password security measures.

Step 02: Change your email address

After successfully adding a password to your Todoist account, change your Todoist email address and replace it with an active and valid email address.


If you’ve turned on two-factor authentication in Todoist, you’ll need a one-time passcode from your chosen authentication app to change your email address.

Get help

If you’re having trouble replacing the invalid address in Todoist, get in touch with us.