[DO NOT PUBLISH] Image testing

Setting the image size

Insert an image using the image icon in the top menu.


Then set the width of the image manually in the source code by adding  width="PIXELSIZE". The width the image should be set at will be noted in the file name:

ex: for the file duplicate-project_ios_276.jpg

The source code should say:



Never set the height of the image, only the width.


Most images should include what the design team calls a basic frame, which includes a shadow and round corners. It looks like this:


This styling is now created with CSS and the article writer should add it to all desktop UI images. To add it, add data-screenframe=""




Images with a phone frame should not include this styling. Instead the designers will include the shadow as part of the image.
Other types of graphics might not need the basic frame, like the one in this article for example. If you are unsure if an image needs the basic frame, check with the designer who created it.