Use Integrately with Todoist

Integrately lets you create automated workflows, quickly and easily. By integrating Integrately with Todoist, you’ll be able to set up one-to-one automations between Todoist and a variety of apps, including:

  • Automatically create a Todoist task when a card is created in Trello.
  • Streamline workflows by adding CRM tasks to Todoist.
  • Share Todoist tasks in Slack to keep everyone on the same page.

How to set up the integration

  1. Sign in or sign up for an Integrately account.
  2. Search for and select Todoist.
  3. Search for and select the app you want to connect Todoist with.
  4. You now have two options:
    • Pick an automation that’s already been set up (you can see a list of these under Select 1 Click Automation) by clicking Activate to the right of the automation.
    • Scroll down further to set up your own automation, by selecting a When and a Do. Once you’re happy with your automation, select Go at the bottom of the page.
  5. When prompted, give Integrately access to the apps featured in your automation.

Your automation should now be ready to go!

How to use the integration

Check out Integrately’s Todoist page for a full and up-to-date overview of all the ways you can use this integration.

How to delete an automation

  1. Sign in to your Integrately account.
  2. Select My Automations in the left-hand menu.
  3. Find the automation you wish to delete and click the three dots icon in the right-hand side.
  4. Select Delete.
  5. Confirm you wish to delete the automation by selecting Yes, Delete.


This integration is managed by Integrately. Please have a look in the Integrately help center for assistance.