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To stay on top of your deadlines, you may want to see all tasks due today or in the next few days.

In Todoist, search for tasks by due date based on specific criteria. For example, if you type 14 days in the search bar, Todoist will pull up all tasks due in the next 14 days.

Here are other handy search queries to use to find tasks by due date:

QueryWhat it does
14 daysShows all tasks due in the next 14 days
-5 daysShows all the tasks due in the previous 5 days
tomorrowShows all the tasks due tomorrow
created after: -30 daysTasks created in the last 30 days
today at 11amShows all tasks due today at 11am
today & due before: 5pmShows all tasks due today before 5pm
due before: may 5All tasks due before May 5
due after: March 10All tasks due after March 10
due after: in 90 daysShows all that are due after 90 days from today
overdueShows tasks that are overdue (this only refers to dates, meaning that tasks that are overdue by an hour or several hours will not be included in the search results)
recurringShows tasks that are recurring
-7 days & p1Shows all tasks from the last 7 days that are priority 1
tuesday & assigned to:Mary S*Shows all tasks due on next Tuesday that are assigned to any collaborator whose first name is “Mary” and last name starts with an “S”
due after: in 60 days & due before: in 120 daysShows all tasks due after 60 days from today and due before 120 days from today
7 days & !assignedAny tasks due in the next 7 days that are unassigned
no date & #WorkAny task without a due date in the Work project
(today | overdue) & assigned to: Mary SmithShows all tasks that are either due today or are overdue and are assigned to any collaborator with the name “Mary Smith”
7 days & assigned to:JohnShows all tasks due in the next 7 days and are assigned to any collaborator with the name “John”

Quick tip

If you have a Todoist Pro or Business plan, you also have the option to save these searches as filters for easy access later.

Search for tasks without a due date

If you want to see every task in Todoist that doesn't have a due date, simply enter no date into the search bar at the top of your Todoist.