Introduction to comments and file uploads

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Take back time spent hunting for the information you need to get stuff done. With task and project comments you can add notes, upload any file, and even discuss details with your coworkers. Everything stays neatly organized right inside your tasks and projects so you can get right to work.

Add comments and files to tasks


Comments are always listed chronologically. You can't manually change their order.
  1. Hover over a task and click the speech bubble icon that appears to the right of the task name.
  2. Type a comment into the comment field.
  3. (Optional) Click the paperclip icon to attach a file, on the microphone icon to record an audio comment, or on the emoji icon to add an emoji.
  4. Tag someone to notify them about your comment, if needed.
  5. Click Comment to save your changes.

Add comments and files to projects

Project comments are attached to the whole project rather than a single task. You can keep any high-level project information or files organized here. Especially handy for keeping everyone on the same page in shared projects.

  1. No matter which device you’re using, you can find the project comments icon in the top right-hand corner of every project view.
  2. To view or add project comments/upload files, simply click or tap on the icon.
  3. Click Comment (Web, macOS, or Windows) or tap the submit arrow (Android or iOS) to save a new comment.

Notify someone about a comment

There will be times when you write a comment and want to make sure your teammate sees it. In those cases, you can notify them.


To notify someone about a comment, you’ll need to share the project with them first.
If you would like to tag someone in your comment, here's how:
  1. Start a new task comment or project comment in a shared project.
  2. If you would like to tag the other person directly:
    • Enter @ in the comment field and start typing out their name.
    • You will see a list of names matching what you're typing. Once you see the person you want to tag, click their name.
  3. If you would simply like to notify them without tagging them directly, do the following:
    • Click the field next to Notify.
    • Select the users you’d like to notify by clicking their names (or click Everyone if you wish to notify everyone in the project).
  4. When you post the comment, the selected people will receive the comment in their notifications.

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