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Easily forward your emails from any email client to Todoist to create tasks or comments — especially useful if you want to maintain a tidy in email inbox.

Forward an email to a project to create a task

Turn your emails into Todoist tasks by forwarding them to a project. When you forward an email, the subject line will become the task name, and the body of the email will be added as a comment. All attachments smaller than 25MB will also be attached.

Find a project’s email address

  1. Click your project or your Inbox in the sidebar.
  2. Click the three dots icon at the top-right.
  3. Select Email tasks to this project.
  4. Click Copy email next to the email address.

Use this email address to forward emails to the project.

Add task details in your email

You can also add due dates, labels, priority levels, and assignee right from your email client. All you have to do is include any of these in either the subject or any place above your signature in the body of your email:

To schedule the task right away, add <date due date>. For example, <date tomorrow>, <date 12/22>, <date every other day>, and <date every last day>, are all supported. You can use any of Todoist's supported due date and recurring due date formats.


The word date is required when adding a due date. For example, adding <tomorrow> won't work, but adding <date tomorrow> will.


We currently don’t support due dates in Czech and Turkish but we’re working on it and plan to add support for these languages in the future.

To add a label, add @labelname. For example, @work, @email, or @5min.

To add a priority, simply add p1, p2, or p3

To assign the task when forwarding the email to a shared project, add +firstname\ lastname of the assignee in the subject. For example, if you’re collaborating with Amy Jones and you want to assign a task to her, simply add +Amy\ Jones. Prefix matches work too, so you can use +Amy, providing they're the only collaborator with that name. 

If you forward an email with this subjectThis Todoist task will be created
Join our next event! <date Friday> p1A task called "Join our next event!" with priority 1due on Friday.
Fwd: Tomorrow's meeting <date tomorrow>  @work p2 +Amy\ JonesA task called "Fwd: Tomorrow's meeting", with priority 2, due tomorrow, assigned to Amy Jones, with the @work label.
Re: Office supplies @email p3 <date next Wednesday>A task called "Re: Office supplies", with priority 3due next Wednesday, with the @email label.

Forward an email to a task to add a comment

Forward emails to Todoist as comments — ideal for when you need to attach information to an existing task or project.

Quick tip

Any message you add in the email's body before forwarding it, will automatically turn into a comment.

Find a task’s email address

  1. Click the task to open the task view.
  2. Click the three dots icon.
  3. Select Add comments via email.
  4. Click Copy email next to the email address provided.

Use this email address to forward emails to the task.


It's not possible to forward emails directly to a section of a project. If this is something that would be useful to you, let us know and submit it as a feature request.

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If you're interested in tidying up your email inbox or learning about more benefits from forwarding emails to Todoist, check out our Two-Step Process for Getting to Email Inbox Zero with Todoist guide.