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If you've got task lists going at the hundreds, and you need to stay on top of all your tasks, organize them using two options:

  • Sorting
  • Grouping

These two options let you view your tasks in a variety of ways, so there's a clear direction of what needs to get done. New tasks are automatically organized based on the sorting or grouping option applied to the project or view.

Sort or group tasks based on specific criteria:

Personal projectsManual order (default)None (default)
 Due dateDue date
 Date createdDate created
Shared projectsOptions included in personal projectsOptions included in personal projects
 Name* Assignee
Today, Filters & LabelsOptions included in personal and shared projectsOptions included in personal and shared projects
 Smart (default)Project
UpcomingOptions included in projects and views** 

* Languages that use logographs (for example: Japanese Kanji 漢字) and special characters, like å, ä, ö, æ, and ø, are ignored when using Sort by Name.

** It's not possible to sort tasks in Upcoming on mobile.

When working on a shared project, sorting or grouping options aren't shared with collaborators. You alone will see these options applied to the project.


You won't be able to manually reorder your tasks while you have a sorting option enabled.

Sort or group tasks

  1. In Todoist, click a view or project.
  2. Click View in the top-right. This opens a context menu with several options.
  3. In the Sort section, select a sorting or grouping option.

    If a sorting option is applied, click the View button and choose to arrange tasks in either ascending or descending order by clicking Direction.

Tasks are sorted or grouped automatically when you apply a sorting or grouping option.

If there are parent tasks, and a grouping option is applied, parent tasks only are grouped in the view or project. To see the sub-tasks or manually reorder them, open the parent task in the task view.

About sorting tasks in sections

Tasks are sorted within their own sections.

If you have a priority 1 task in the last section of a project, and you sort tasks in this project by Priority, the priority 1 task will appear only at the top of the section. It won't appear at the top of the project, even if there are tasks in other sections that have a lower priority level.

As a workaround, drag a task to move it to a different section only when a sorting option is applied to the project.

Remove a sorting or grouping option

When a sorting or grouping option is applied to a view or project, it's displayed at the top. Learn how to remove a sorting or grouping option:

  1. Click View in the top-right.
  2. Tap the sorting or grouping options menu, then select Default

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