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A big picture view of your projects

Social Media Calendar

By Buffer

This Social Media Calendar by Buffer is the perfect social media sidekick to help make sure that you and/or your business are posting to important social accoun

Student Project

You and your teammates have just been assigned a project. To get a head start, prepare the Todoist project where you’ll work together to get it done. Simply st

Sales Pipeline


Taking care of your incoming sales leads can quickly become chaotic. How long ago did we follow up? Did they reply? Where’s the contact information for that new

Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps are essential for coordinating product development. They help prioritize projects, track progress, and create shared understanding across teams

Project Tracker

When you aim for an ambitious goal, you’ll need more than just a few tasks to plan it out. This project template will give you a central, organized place to kee

Book Writing

“Writing is rewriting.” If your dream is to finish a book, know that it takes several drafts, all sorts of detours and a lot of perseverance. It’s a marathon, n

Bug Tracking

When your code has bugs, you’ll want to have an organized bug tracking system to keep things in order. That’s where this template comes in handy. Start by add

Content Pipeline

Our content team here at Doist uses this content pipeline to manage the [Ambition & Balance]( "Ambition & Balance") blog. We use it to k

Design Requests

As a designer, you probably have a long queue of requests from various teams in the company. Some days, it can feel overwhelming. To free up your creative energ

Development Workflow

Keep your product on track by knowing where work stands, what project comes next, and what’s completed. Adapt each section to your team and refine the project s

Growth Experiments

When working on growth projects, you need a repeatable process to ideate, prioritize, push and learn from experiments. Your process will help create momentum an

Hiring Pipeline

Potential new hires evaluate you as much as you evaluate them. As your job candidates progress through the various stages of your hiring pipeline, it’s importan