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Top technology reviewers rate Todoist as the top to-do list app for mobile devices, tablets, Google Apps and more.
Todoist works on every device or platform you can think of!
—Melanie Hasselmayr from Forbes ranks Todoist as the #1 task manager for 2014.
Todoist syncs your whole life in list-form!
—Samantha Cole from Fast Company applauds Todoist’s versatility.
Great job of integrating to-do lists inside Gmail and Chrome
—Paul Sawers a writer at The Next Web, loves Todoist for Google products and web browsers.
A top-quality online to-do list service
—Harley Ogier of PC World New Zealand loves the advanced features and simple, clean interface.
One of the premium choices on the market
—Bertel King of Android Police loves the sleek visuals on Android devices.
Very responsive and usable
—Will Kelly of Tech Republic loves how seamlessly Todoist integrates with Google Apps for Business.
20 best iPhone and iPad apps
—Stuart Dredge of The Guardian voted Todoist one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad.
Simply the best to-do app
—Patrick Jordan of iPad Insight loves Todoist’s “fantastic and gorgeous” minimalist interface.
The task management superhero
—Paula DuPont of Appstorm loves how Todoist packs the most features and power in a single app.

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Here’s what some of our users have to say about the Todoist experience:

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André Maillho @RallyCrawfish
19 Nov
I don’t always endorse dynamic, life-changing, multi-platform productivity tools, but when I do, it’s always @todoist.
Kaycie Quinonez @kaycidilla_16
24 Sep
Can I just say… I’ve only had @todoist for approximately 48 hours and my productivity is through the roof. Get the app. Live it. Love it.
Kris Schoels @chic_wife
1 Apr
People often ask how I stay organized and focused working from home- just discovered @todoist and it is seriously life changing…
Real Chase Adams @REALChaseAdams
2 Sep
The first Chrome Extension I’ve reviewed and I gave it 5 stars:… Thanks @todoist for an awesome experience!
Aaron Wesson @Aaron_Wesson
25 Jun
As a Manager, I NEED a GREAT todo list program. I FINALLY found what I needed @todoist is THE BEST!
Jordan Iverson @jordan_iverson
26 Feb
@todoist is a game changer for my small biz productivity. Seriously awesome.

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