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    Use Todoist’s apps, extensions and widgets on any device or platform.

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    Stay calm, focused and organized with tasks, projects, and reminders.

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    Customize your to-do list with filters, labels, priorities, templates, and more.

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    Add tasks like “read the news every week day at 7AM” in just seconds.

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    Link Todoist with your calendar, voice assistant, and 30+ other tools.

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"Among all the apps I've ever tried to monitor and manage my tasks, no tool has ever come close than @todoist. A great User Interface and great User Experience really makes you feel like it's a natural part of your life.


I really can't believe how long it took me to start using @todoist. To say it's the best to-do list app out there is an understatement... after just a couple of days, it's like there aren't really any others that even compare to it.

Daniel Fosco