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Get daily, automated backups of your Todoist account.

Get peace of mind by backing up your Todoist account. If you want to backup for compliance or keep your backup for longer than 21 days, then Pro Backup is the solution you’re looking for.

With Pro Backup you can back up, recover, and restore data from your account and create copies of previous versions of your tasks, lists, or boards. In addition, you have the option to sync your backups to a Google Drive folder where you can access your data in easily readable CSV files.

If Todoist goes offline, you can still access your data. Pro Backup is both easy-to-use and secure: Once you've set up a connection with Todoist, we'll take care of everything else. Having your backups up & running only takes one minute. We store your data in encrypted files. We store everything in the EU and we’re compliant with all GDPR laws.


  • Create copies of previous versions of your tasks, lists or boards.

  • Recover and restore deleted tasks in bulk without needing to import CSV files.

  • Access your Todoist backup both via our User Interface and accessing it through Google Drive.

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