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Make left-side panel "float"


I love the new UI of Todoist web. The developers obviously have been listening to the users.

One quibble that I have about the new UI is that the left-side panel, as more polished as it is than before, doesn't float. As a result, as I scroll down the tasks on the right side, the left-side panel disappears. If the left-side panel - where the projects, labels, filters, etc. are available - can float while the user scrolls down the tasks, it will be that much more productive!

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James Butler premium
Replied on Jan 27, 2014 - 10:57

Exactly what I was just thinking. Would be lovely to have a 'split screen' aspect to this. So you can scroll independently in the projects and the tasks view. Would really help when scrolling down through long project lists on the right hand side to allow you to still see the left hand side items. Thanks for listening

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