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Include completed tasks button on today view

In projects view there is a small button on the bottom right of each project where one can toggle top see completed task (recent completed tasks to be more precise). It would be nice to include this in today view, as it would allow us to see recent completed task, ( let say yesterday and today, or so)

The idea is to be able to see completed task along with pending tasks for today or 7 days, but as simple as possible (incluse without proyect heading) so we could sort them also by date, priority or ani other. Other option would be to include a negative filter in today (not orverdue but today and last x days tasks including completed).

One alternative would be to give us a more detailed info on the filter (search) system, make it really powerful so we could use it like a sort of database query. (I think it could be possible to have it as an advanced users search box.

Eduardo Forero

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Evan Hughes premium
Replied on Mar 26, 2014 - 08:58

I'd love it if my 'Today' view showed the tasks I completed today.