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Active tag hierarchy management/display on right side (white space)

I would like and hope other people see the value of a tag cloud that is:

(1) Persistant, preferably visible on the right-hand side (currently wasted as white space

(2) Actively manageable in a tree that would "mirror" the 4-level indentation of projects currently on the left side

As of right now, the tag management seems limited to colors (somewhat useful) and a list that seems to auto-rearrange itself depending on current number of items tagged with that list.

I have read the forums and come across a rather complicated and ineffective work-around, i.e., making a "project" and keeping the tags like that, but the problem with this is that it then pulls tags in that project which jumble up the actual search I would need with results from the project that is used for place-keeping of tags.

I would like a tag cloud that I can always see and manually rearrange, including indent-levels.