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Improve of adding via e-mail


Hi! There are some features and issues with e-mail adding.
1) Today we have separate e-mail address for all projects. In some cases it's good. But sometimes it's more convenient to use one e-mail address with adding project name to subject or body of e-mail.
Eg. Subject: Some task p:"I am project!" ...

2) To add date for task we use <angle brackets>. And this makes me cry, coz with ifttt we can not use them (confirmed by ifttt support). What about changing syntax to more common symbols?
Eg. Subject: Some task date:"today"

And I really don't know, do we have capability to add priority in e-mail?

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David Trey staff
Replied on Oct 04, 2013 - 06:35


Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, it's not possible to set a priority via email yet and we'll look into improving the date adding options.

As for the first issue - please note that you can add the email addresses of your projects to your contacts and simply rename them to something like TD-Home, TD-Work etc. and as soon as you type TD, your email client should use auto-complete to suggest your projects.

Best regards,