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Task Tallies


I would love to see a way to get task totals in more areas. For example, on my phone I get the notification badge on the icon, which shows all of the tasks for that day, but then when I open the app, it would be nice to see the total number of tasks in the view I am in (for example in the Today view, it would be helpful to see a number in parentheses or something so that as I go along my day, I can see the total tasks I have left. When I go to the menu, it lists the totals for Today and the next seven days, but that is it. None of the filters I have created (tomorrow, each day of the week, tasks with no due date, priority 1, etc...) show a number next to them and I can get a total by project or by label, but what I am really looking for is a total by day (today, tomorrow, thursday, friday, etc...).

Same thing for the web interface - I see the totals per project on the side, but once I am in a view (today+overdue, tomorrow, Wednesday, etc...) on the main section of the page there is no tally - it would be helpful to have that directly to the right of the title (i.e, Today Tue Sept. 10 (54) )

This feature would not only be motivational as I see the number getting smaller throughout the day, but it would also be incredibly helpful as I am planning my week and I would have an at a glance view of how many tasks I've assigned to each day to help keep it within a realistic number.