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Keep subtask hierarchy when indenting a parent task, and enable indenting of multiple tasks


Currently, when you have a parent task and indent it under another task, the task you move gets indented but all it's subtasks remain at the same indent, thus destroying the work already done to indent these tasks. This is really unintuitive and with big subtask lists it's really annoying and time consuming to fix.

If it isn't possible to fix this right now, could you instead make it possible to indent multiple tasks at once? ie, when selecting multiple tasks using Ctrl+click, how about having the option to indent, either in the top menu or else by using the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Right Arrow. This would enable an entire list of nested subtasks to be placed within a parent task without destroying the hierarchy, and would also make it a lot easier to create lists of subtasks, as it would remove the need to indent each one individually.