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More Templates options needed - Online method.


Importing/Exporting templates to a FILE.
Is useful but at the same time unnecessary if all you want to do is duplicate a project.

Because say you use todoist at work and at home and on your mobile and ipad. Are you going to export to every single machine you use todoist on? What if you make a change on the template? Then are you going to edit every single copy?
(Actually you can't use export/import templates on mobile devices.)

I still think a duplicate project option is still needed for duplicating projects on the go.
Also keeping everything on the "cloud / todoist account" is more accessible than having it on your computer.

Of course import/export are useful as backups just in case.

Really, import/exporting to a file is a poor man's choice and something like that is more fit for free users than for premium users.

For premium users the focus should be on providing a power tool that can be used on the move.
You should allow us to manage everything without limitations and with the utmost of ease be it on mobile, tablet, or computer.

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Mark Thistlewaite premium
Replied on Feb 18, 2014 - 17:36

I looked at the Import and Export method, and it will not work for me either, I use ToDoIst at work and home, on my work PC, my home PC, my smart phone and my tablet. Where am I going to store the file for use in all places. DropDobx would work, but the tablet and smartphone would be a PITA to work from.

In my case, I am looking for a single template, with a single task, not a number of tasks.

I would want to use the relative dates capability (Today at 9AM), and the Flags and Labels.

OnLine store would be best as well.