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Smart Scheduling in Google Calendar

Todoist would absolutely be awesome if users were able to specify how long a specific task takes to complete within the application, minimum and maximum blocks of time to work on the task, and set "task completion hours" of each day.

After that, Todoist would sync with your calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) and check any available open spots in your day to complete the task and schedule a block of time towards your estimated time required for completion.

For example, I need to work on reading a new book that needs to be finished by 9/1/13.

-I estimate within Todoist that it will take about 2 hours to read

-I want to read the book in block intervals of 15 mins - 1 hour

-I only want to be scheduled to read the book between 10am and 6pm Monday-Friday, and 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday

-Todoist will then pool my calendar to see that I have a 1 hour block of time on Friday, 8/23 from 10:30am-11:30am, and 30 minute blocks from 2:45pm-3:15pm on Monday, 8/26 and Tuesday, 8/27. It will schedule a calendar event for these times.

-If I never mark the task as complete after any scheduled time window in my calendar, Todoist would simply check again for another open time block and reschedule.

This would be awesome...A task manager and smart calendar in one!