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Reordering capabilities in sorted views


It would be great to be able to reorder lists manually when you are looking at a filtered view.

For example, you may note that 10 tasks are high priority, and view all high priority tasks. But once viewing, you want to prioritize *those* tasks to get started on your to-do list. So, you would be able to manually reorder the list to get started.

I tried using labels as you suggested, but with too many labels, I think it gets a little overcomplicated/confusing. I have all my tasks in folders to organize the "category" but within all of them there are certain high priority tasks.

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Casey Clay premium
Replied on Dec 02, 2013 - 16:14


I also cast a vote with regard to a reordering function for a filtered list. I want to manually move tasks (up and down) in a filtered query list. For context, I have my Start Page set to the following Custom Query:

"p1, p2, p3"

This successfully displays Priority 1, 2 and 3 tasks in order, as expected. When viewing tasks in a query like this though, I cannot manually move them up or down in the list within their respective priority categories. These are tasks without dates set, as I'm aware tasks with due dates appear first in chronological order (soonest to latest).

Tasks without due dates populate randomly when filtered. Without using due dates, I would like to see a way to manually move tasks within a priority category (i.e. within Priority 1) up and down to a custom order of my choosing, as I can do when viewing them within projects. That feature would be very beneficial.

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Casey Clay