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Delete a task or move it history if not done on a certain day

There are tasks that I wish to be reminded of on a certain day if I am able to get it done, but do not wish for it to remain if it is not completed. I would then like that task automatically deleted or moved to history.

For example, I might wish to be reminded to check out a flower show at the park on Saturday. When Saturday comes and goes, I want it to automatically be removed because I can't ever go to that show again.

This would help keep your todo list manageable.


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David premium
Replied on Jun 18, 2013 - 14:12

Also, there are tasks that have expiration dates for a reason, but I would like to be able to track what I didn't get done, because the time ran out. Basically, what I think should happen is when you click on "Move Task to History" it is different than completed task. Both show up in the history, but one is checked and the other one is not.

Frank premium
Replied on Mar 04, 2014 - 11:22

Yes please
I have many tasks I need to check on daily but if they're not done they should just postpone automatically.(or delete and show up the next day if repeating I suppose)
Simple example: make coffee every morning. If that doesn't happen it makes no sense for it to be overdue.