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Random Task Picker with Timer


Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my task list I find that it is hard to start anywhere. I suggest that there is a feature that picks a random task and starts a timer so that I could work on it for a set or random amount of time.

This keeps things interesting and the timer makes harder tasks more bite sized. If I only have to commit 30 minutes to that HUGE task, it forces me to re-frame the task into a manageable subtask mentally.

I think we have all been so overloaded that it is hard to start, so this takes out a small amount of the choice of where to start. Another nice option would be to add a button that would extend the timer if good progress is being made.

My tasks are usually self-given so motivation is key. This probably wouldn't be used by people with hard deadlines.

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Andri Viiand Altex Experts OÜ premium
Replied on Feb 20, 2014 - 15:13

Interesting blog article on this subject from one of the worlds leading productivity gurus: