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Filtering and subtasks


I'd love to have an option for how filters like p2 present tasks and subtasks. For example, I usually use projects and sub-projects for broad categories and large or long-term projects, but tasks with children for multi-part tasks. When I mark both a parent and a child as p2, I see them both independently and out of context in the p2 filter. The parent is still expandable, though, so I can see two copies of the child on the same list. One is out of context and the other in it, under its parent.

I'd like to be able choose between one of a few options:
As it is now
All relevant tasks are displayed in context only - if I have a p2 task in a p4 parent task, the parent task is listed and expandable to see the p2 child when I filter for p2
All related tasks are grouped together in a given filter - I'd end up with a list more or less as it is now, but with a parent and child listed with each other, even if I can see the child duplicated inside the parent with the drop arrow.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the great work, all. I'm really enjoying Todoist and it's been a real help for me in keeping on the ball.