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simple checkboxes (bulleted lists and numbering) inside tasks


Dear collegues! There is one important thing I would like you to suggest.

In addition to BOLD, ITALIC, HIGHLIGHT and UNDERLINE format you might provide an ability to add a simple checkboxes right inside your tasks.

I have to explain how that feature may be used:
Often I need to split a task to some subtasks, but it's too minor elements - neither priority no dates and reminders needed for it. It should be just some parts of task, that i can simply strike out from list.

It allow you to create simple checklists, make actions (edit text, copy/paste, check/uncheck those boxes), quickly add list items that didn't affect the whole task.

If you find this idea quite useful, you might provide bulleted lists and numbering as well this works in advanced text editors.

But if you think that it will be too heavy for Todoist task editor, you perhaps agree to just add a hot key for <strike> tag usage. For example action may add such tags:
<strike>striked out checklist item;</strike>
<s>other simple checklist item;</s>

with the hope of understanding, best regards...

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David Trey staff
Replied on Feb 15, 2013 - 06:30

Hello Shlyakhin,

Thank you for your suggestion, but could you please clarify how would you like this feature to be different from the existing option to create sub-tasks (on 4 indent levels) and check them off without affecting the parent task and see them grayed out on your list (this feature exists on Todoist)?

Best regards,

Shlyakhin Nikita
Replied on Feb 17, 2013 - 13:44

First of all I want to notice, that if you work with simple lists (shopping list for example), it's most convenient to have whole list in one text block. So you can copy/paste text array between the applications and web services. (you can't do it so easily if your list appear as a set of indented tasks)

The second thing is the simplify of the project's structures.
In case if you have 3-4 task with about 10 subtasks each managed as indent levels - what happen then - you couldn't see whole project on one screen and you need to scroll down and up again to just take a look of your project. A bit confusing(( am I wrong?

The third is optimisation.
Adding checkboxes inside tasks, you allow users to become almost unlimited. So they can manage so many items in their lists, as they actually wants.

in addiction: sometimes I use tasks as notes or draftsheets and I even don't know yet what exactly I have to plan - so I can't plan and arrange specific tasks on 4 indent levels (and don't need it). In this case I need more text formatting tools to allow my thoughts flow freely but in the right direction. (as the bird of prey flies above the high tops of north mountains)

P.S. This feature actually have not been devised by me. It's already successfully realised in some powerfull productivity services, such as Todopro.com and Microsoft oneNOTE.