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Due range and work view



I love the way Todoist allows me to easily set a due date by typing some text describing it.

What is lacking though, in my opinion, is a support for due ranges instead of simple dates. When I plan a task, I usually think "this must be done this week", or "this should be done next week", or "before the end of the month", "next week-end" etc.

This means I don't only want a due date, I also need a start date: "I'll do this between the 10th and the 15th"

Or I might need only a start date without any due date, like "I need to do this after the 25th"

Or a due date with an implicit start date "this should be done before the the 31st"

Currently, Todoist assumes that when a due date is set, the task should have a start date that is the same as the due date. This implies that a task should be done in a single day. Or that when you plan a few tasks for like the current week, you must precisely assign each task to each day of the week.

I would rather assign them all to "this week", and they would have a due range starting from today until the end of the week.

Having due ranges allows having a filter much more powerful than the popular "today, overdue". This would be a "work view" filter, which would display all the tasks whose due range have been met.

So the tasks I've assigned to "this week" would all appear in this view, regardless of the current day of the week. It would allow seeing every task I CAN start now, without having to worry about assigning each task to a single day.

This view would prioritize the tasks that have the closest due date, but it could contain some tasks with a due date very far in the future. It allows picking up those tasks in periods when there's not much to do.

I think Todoist would really benefit from such due range / work view features.

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Miklós Bagi premium
Replied on Jul 14, 2013 - 10:00

Vote for range support, examples:
- 15-20
- every 15-20
- every 3 months 10-15 starting August

Replied on Oct 26, 2013 - 20:03

This, please!

"Do this next week" is my most frequent wish, and instead I have to keep bumping it every day during the week the task doesn't get done. It makes me feel even lazier and more procrastination-prone than I am.