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Move multiple items to history


I think there should be a button to 'move checked items to history', maybe at the bottom where it says 'delete checked items'.

When I have something such as a shopping list, I like to keep my checked items in history so I don't have to type them again next time I need them. It is ok if it is one or two items, but if I have say 10 or more items it gets tedious to individually click 'move to history' for each one.

I thought before that it used to move them to history automatically as soon as they were checked. I wonder if that was taken away because not everyone wants every single item they check to disappear from their list and I actually agree with that. That is why I suggest the above. Thank you for considering.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Jul 27, 2012 - 09:33

Hello Carunae,

completing a parent task, moves it to history automatically. Completing a sub-tasks, however, will keep the sub-task check off and grayed out on your list until its parent task is completed which will move the entire tree to history.

In order to force a sub-task to move it to history, please hold down the SHIFT key while checking it off.

Best regards,