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Mac Application Adjustments

I prefer to use todoist with an application on my laptop because it's easier for me than one more browser window.

The current download from todoist's site (icon is black "TD" on white with orange outline) is buggy for me. When I close the window, I have to quit the program completely before I can open a new window and see my tasks again.

I found a place to download the older application (icon is a black "T" over a blue check; I like this icon better too), and it does not give me the same problems.

I'd really like to see the official and current app function without those bugs, and with a couple extra features:

1) When the todoist window is open, there's a # in a red circle indicating how many tasks are still to be done today, but when I close the window (not quit the program, just close the window) that disappears. I'd love to see it all the time.

2) I'd love to be able to make the window narrower and have text wrap more rather than cutting off the projects indicators to the right of my tasks.

Neither version of the todoist App for Mac does these.