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Make email formatting better (be able to see tasks at a glace)


Hey I was just looking at your email digests which i think is a great new feature. But its hard to look at my tasks at a glance.

I just want to be able to see my tasks easily and not be distracted by other stuff. Examples of what i find distracting

- the task name are similar color to the date above them, so at a glance it just looks like a blog of gray text. it would be good if the date/ days ago was on the same line as the task and all the tasks names/dates/tags lined up vertically.

- tasks completed? I don't think this should be whats at the top. I guess it 's just not something i care about. I care about what I need to do, not how many i completed or when i created the tasks, or graph. Maybe put that under the graph

- make task names stand out more. There is a bunch of text that stand out way more than the tasks. Some more white space between the tasks, make them bold, make the Titles (eg 2 tasks overdue, Your productivity, not as prominent). Also your link "View int Todoist" is larger and stands out way more than the the actual tasks.

anyways just the 2cents of a random user.