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URL parameters for the mobile website add_task


We can get to the mobile add task page by navigating to http://todoist.com/m#add_task . If this URL accepted parameters for task name, date, and project (e.g. "http://todoist.com/m#add_task?task=Buy%20pizza%20@Store"), it would be super easy to create a javascript bookmarklet to integrate with all kinds of web apps.

For example, I like the ease of turning gmails into tasks, but quite frankly, reloading gmail every time I click on one of those links is unusable. With the right javascript, I can create a task with the gmail using the mobile protocol which doesn't have to reload the whole big gmail app.

Alternately, finding a way to avoid reloading all of gmail would be ideal. Todoist used to work that way.

(Using Linux 12.04 and Chrome)