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When add task in Outlook, auto-resize the pop-up box


I had made the Outlook plug-in as skinny as I reasonably could (so it mimicked what I see on my mobile phone), and it worked superbly until I needed to manually add a task. The pop-up window to add a task (via Ctrl+Q or clicking the plus button) was normal size, which is much wider than my Todoist Outlook pane. Instead of always having to keep my Todoist Outlook pane wider than I'd like (and frankly wider than necessary), it'd be nice if the pop-up data entry box for adding a task would auto-fit the pane.

Interestingly enough, when adding a task via the "Add to todoist" toolbar button in Outlook, this pop-up box does auto-resize, so perhaps for now my answer is to always use that button in Outlook and my phone or Firefox for thoughts I don't have an Outlook email for.

Thank you!